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High Frequency Words for Second Grade

This High Frequency Word Game is a Go Fish match game that uses high frequency words instead of playing cards. You can create up to a maximum of 168 double word sets from 128 preselected and 40 user entered words. You can do any combination of selecting for the list and/or entering your own words. Make sure you create enough words for each child to start with six cards and have 40 or more cards in the draw pile. Just play Go Fish with whatever rules or variations you wish to play. You may require the child to call out and spell the word for the request.

Tip: Print these out on heavier paper or laminate them for longer use.

You May Select and/or Enter the High Frequency Words

along always another anything around ask ate because
bed best better both bring buy car carry
clean close clothes coat cold cut didn't does
dog don't door dress early every eyes face
fall far fast fat find fire fly food
full funny gave goes grow happy hard hat
head hear help hold hope hot jump keep
kind laugh letter live longer love made may
might money morning must myself never now o'clock
off once only open order own pair part
people play please read ride round run same
sat say set show sing sister sit six
sleep small soon start stop tell thank these
those though today together took town try turn
under until upon use walk warm wash water
why wish woman write year yes yesterday zero

Please be patient, the higher number of words selected the longer it takes to create them.

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