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High Frequency Words for Kindergarten

This High Frequency Word Game is a Concentration match game that uses high frequency words instead of pictures. You can create up to a maximum of 98 double word sets from 56 preselected and 42 user entered words. You can do any combination of selecting for the list and/or entering your own words. Make sure you create enough words to support the grid size for the game. This kindergarten word game may be a 4 by 4 grid, or any grid size you wish to use. You will shuffle the cards and then deal them in a 4 by 4 grid. The children will take turns turning over the cards to find the matches. You may require the child to read back the matched words to keep them. You will need 16 words for a 4 by 4 grid and 20 words for a 4 by 5 grid.

Tip: Print these out on heavier paper or laminate them for longer use.

You May Select and/or Enter the High Frequency Words

a all an and as at be
black blue boy brown but by can
did do down for go green had
has have he her him his I
in is it little of on orange
out purple red said see she some
that the then there they to up
was we were white with yellow you

Please be patient, the higher number of words selected the longer it takes to create them.

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