Venn Diagram Worksheets

Shade the Regions Using Two Sets Worksheets

This Venn Diagram Worksheet is a great for practicing shading the regions of different sets, unions, intersections, and complements using two sets.

Number of Possible Questions
Type of Set Operations Standard Sets Compliments of Sets Both Types of Sets
Single Sets 2 2 4
Union of Sets 1 4 5
Intersection of Sets 1 4 5
Relative Complements of Sets 2 8 10
Totals 6 18 24

The table above shows the number of possible questions that will be generated for each Venn Diagram Worksheet, based on the selection of set operations and set types. This Venn Diagram Worksheet may create up to a maximum of 6 different problems on each page. If you select fewer than 6 possible questions the Venn Diagram Worksheet will only produce that number of questions. If you select more that 6 question types the Venn Diagram Worksheet will randomly select 6 to produce on the page.

For example if you choose Single Set operations and Standard Set types, the Venn Diagram Worksheet will only generate two questions on the page. If you choose Relative Complements of Sets for the operation and Both Standard and Complements of Set types, the Venn Diagram Worksheet will randomly choose 6 from the possible 10 different questions for the page.

Types of Set Operations You Wish to Use

Types of Sets You Wish to Use

Standard Sets
Complement of Sets
Both Standard and Complement of Sets

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