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Telling Time Flash Cards

These Flash Cards are great for classroom practice for telling time. The flash cards show a clock face with the hands drawn on the clock. The hands may be drawn in black or color, if you select the color option the hour hand is drawn in green and the minute hand is drawn in red.

This Time Flash Card may be configured to build worksheets with three types of problems sets.

  • Randomly Generated Hours and Minutes with Different Increments
  • Randomly Generated Hours with Fixed Minutes Settings
  • Left / Right Side of Clock with 1, 5, or 10 Minute Increments

You may select either 1, 2 or 4 clocks to be produced for each page, depending on what size you wish the flash cards to be.

The Flash Cards are generated randomly, so every time you create a new Flash Card the problem set will be different. This is a great Flash Card to test your students understanding of telling time.

Choose a Time Increment

   Randomly Generated    Fixed Minutes    Left / Right Side of Clock

Number of Clocks per Page

Color the Clock Hands ?

Include Numbers on the Clock Face ?

Paper Size to Use ...

Print Cut Lines on the Flash Cards

How Many Pages of Flash Cards Do You Wish To Make ?


Now you are ready to create your Flash Cards by pressing the Create Button.


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