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Single Digit Division Worksheets

This single or multiple digits Division Worksheet is configured in a horizontal problem format. The numbers for each divisor and quotient may be individually varied to generate different sets of division problems. The number range for the divisors and quotients are 1 through 12. These problems will not have any remainders or fractions. The worksheets can be configured to layout the problems using the division sign (÷), slash (/), or as a long division format. You may select between 20 and 40 problems for each worksheet.

You can click Clear to reset, or All to select all of the numbers.

Divide by these numbers...

1    2    3    4   
5    6    7    8   
9    10    11    12   
All Clear

To get these quotients   (The Answers)...

1    2    3    4   
5    6    7    8   
9    10    11    12   
All Clear

Lay out problems...

with Division Signs ( ÷ )
with Slashes ( / )
as long division problems

Number of Problems for Each Division Worksheet

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English German Albanian
Spanish Swedish Italian
French Turkish Polish

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